Recent Medium Posts

I have published a couple of posts on Medium to see how it works:

A Dart REPL PoC - Hacking with Dart

A well-received post about which is a PoC interactive shell for Dart. I hope I've been able to restore some Karma points with the Dart team over this #butrisesagainharderandstronger..

Metamath - Formalizing math

A small write-up about my impressions from learning about Metamath and some questions that I really, really want to find time to look into.

A shoddy implementation in Dart can be found here:

Reading the Deep Learning Book - Chapter 1

As part of a long study break, I've started reading the I will try to write down my thoughts for each chapter over time as a way of engaging with the material.

Stay tuned for more posts and also cross-overs.

I'm still trying to decide whether to post the more mathy stuff here.