This blog was created in 2006, so it is 10 years old (in 2016). It has followed my life from my last at high school until I graduated and started working in "the industry" in 2013. There hasn't been much activity since I started working, but I am trying to contribute more again. For the record, all thoughts, opinions (and ideas :)) posted here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect my employer's (whoever that is) position in any way.

For old times' sake, here is the original "About" from when I was 16..:

My name is Andreas Kirsch and I'm a hobby developer/programmer/code-monkey. My other identities include Black, BlackHC and the evil guy who stole the cookie jar - yes, Mr. Anderson, I know you. This blog is going to be a journal of my adventures in the big coding world, the challenges I face and the stories about my virtual pet-fish.

It's going to be dead-boring for the most of you, so don't be afraid to run away from here screaming, searching for a place to hide. My fish gets them all - always.