Sploidz Splash Screen

Sploidz is free game that I have developed for Red Thumb Games/Joshua Dallman in first half of 2006 using Torque 2D.

It is similar to Bejewelled - although neither my fish nor I have played that game yet, but so I've heard- and Tetris in that you have to drop differently colored gems and create as many matches as possible. Additionally, to keep you excited, there is a conveyor belt and a platform that keep adding new rows of gems from the bottom.

To create matches you have to arrange at least 3 same-colored gems horizontally or vertically, which will then trigger all same-colored gems around them to explode, too.

Look at these beautiful screenshots for example:

8 item match8 item match explosion

There are also different levels with prebuilt gems and you've got to collect all letters of the word SPLOIDZto finish a level and continue to the next. The conveyor belt and the platform also become faster and faster with increasing level number, so it should keep you fairly busy later.

We've also included a few special gems that make life easier like the bomb item, which destroys all gems in a certain radius, the missile item, which starts to destroy all gems in the same column one by one, and _the magnet _item, which destroys all gems of the same color like the one underneath the magnet.

This looks like there's a lot of action - _almost too much for my fish's weak heart, if you ask me, so don't let him play! - _and a lot of fun waiting for you.

If you want to learn more of how I developed it, and what exactly my tasks where while doing so, go the Inside Sploidz's Development page. If, on the other hand, you're easily bored and weak-hearted, go to http://www.sploidz.com and give my baby a try.

Product reviews, comments, feedback, etc etc are always welcome, just add a nice comment how much you loved to play it below.