My fish and I, we're a good team. We're complements of each other and supplement one another perfectly. Sadly my fish can't type, so I'm pretty much left alone with coding most of the time..

.. except, of couse, for all the nice, 'real' people ('real' in the best way IRC and VR in general can achieve), who help me, whom I help, with whom I work together, who work together with me, etc. etc. - now my fish gives me that look again. Weird, isn't it?

That said, let's sum it up: I've been working on various projects together with other people and alone, paid and unpaid, successful and even more succesful, and I guess, they'd all deserve a page specifically dedicated to them. Sadly I don't have enough time nor do I have the writing skills necessarily to honour them all sufficiently, so I'll stick to the most important ones.

Go and pay them your tribute. (Sorry for that if it's a bit rough but my fish threatened me to write it. Well, ok, not physically threatened but the stare.. you get it.)