Student Job at CAMPAR

I worked 10 hours a week at CAMPAR from May to September 09. My job was to implement a paper on Importance-Driven Volume Rendering.

The main task was about implementing an editor for 2D transfer functions.

In retrospect I have to say that the code was a mess and way too much time was spent on the UI, which is quite difficult to get right if you have to use AntTweakBar and lots of custom code. At least it taught me (yet again) how important it is to set priorities and in general to learn more about design patterns to avoid common pitfalls.

There is one class I want to share because it's useful when you work with AntTweakBar: AntTWBarGroup, which allows one to easily manage groups of controls without needing to write lots of code. It also uses template magic to automatically select the correct TW_ type. You can download the code here.